Latest Funny Friends Jokes In English

Friendship Jokes in english:- Friends fill colour in our lives, sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry. A true friend, happiness or sorrow never leaves you alone.

Friendship jokes and Jokes in english It is often seen that our friends help us with our first troubles. Nowadays Friendship Jokes are very much liked on Social Media. For this, a very good collection of jokes on friends has been prepared here.

Jokes On Friends

Friendship Jokes in english
Friendship Jokes in english

In today’s busy life, we are all becoming distant from our friends. Importance of friendship Ask the person who does not have any friends, so we must take time for our friends and he should keep on meeting.

Here we have posted “Jokes and Jokes on Friends in english” for you, which is very fun and will make you laugh a lot. You can also share the below-given Friendship Jokes Images on Whatsapp with your friends.

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Funny Friends Jokes In English

Life without friends is completely incomplete.

Sure friends are the ones
Do not abuse 2 days
Start asking
What happened brother is angry !!

Sonu was sharing knowledge to his friend Ravi…
If the paper is tough in the exam then….
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath,
Say more loudly-
This subject is very funny. Will study again next year.

Dude: I want to give my girlfriend a gift, shall I?
Pappu: Please give the gold ring by doing so…
Friend: Tell me something big…
Pappu: Then let the gold ring go, give the MRF tire…

The question was, what is the speciality among friends,
Which is more than relatives ..?
Got a reply…
Friends are just friends,
They are cousins, cousins, puffers,
There are no cousins ​​and stepsons.

Jokes on friendship in english
You are the syrup of trouble
You are capsules of tension
You are in trouble, but what should you do because you are the oxygen of friendship!

True friends are those who…
World before helping
Lots of abuses!

You are the most beloved of all,
Praise is not complete, you are so cute,
Today, you know why this world burns with you…

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In childhood when we call friends
Used to go to his house, first of all, his mother or father would come out and stare as if we belonged to the Taliban, it has been so many years, nothing has changed, only so much has changed
Now friends’ wives stare!

When born, the angels spoke
“Another brother of ours has come!” And when you were, the devil said, “Oh man !! Competition is increasing in our line “

What should a friend, my friend, gift me to my girlfriend on her birthday?

No matter how good friends are, they should refuse because those bitches know all their secrets!

Sacrifice for laughter, tears for joy, sacrifice for life, life for a friend
And if you find a girlfriend of a friend, then fuking friend too!

India’s biggest confusion day not know ???

As soon as the boy arrived in college, a friend started jumping with joy – what happened so happy? Sparkle – For the first time today, a girl talked to me in the metro… Dude – wow brother, what happened?
Boy – I was sitting .. Girl said get up this is ladies seat

Fucking friend .. two friends met after several days first – and brother what’s up second – how bad it is, friend first – why what happened second – my girlfriend left me and yesterday the result came, so failed in exam even till death. Has arrived

Three black friends were going together. Then suddenly a goddess appeared. Devi – I will fulfil your every wish. Ask for what you want.
First – blond me. He became blond.
Second – Blond me too. He too became blonde.
Third – Laugh loudly said that both of them turn black again. Education – Every friend is a bastard.

He asks .. how many friends do you have in this world .. ??? And my answer .. My friends are my world!

Raju: What is the meaning of friend?
Dude: Strength. Raju: And the man? Dude: Endurance.

Gum sacrifice for laughter,
Sacrificed tears for happiness,
Sacrifice my life for a friend
And if you find a friend’s girlfriend….
Fuck my friend too

No matter how good friends are, they should refuse. Because those bitches know all your secrets

Two women talk among themselves….
Puli – Today is the birthday of my husband, do not understand what gift to give him?
Second Woman – “Divorce”

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One man’s wife died, the poor fellow was crying a lot, friend – what happened to brother-in-law
Man – nothing was just eating curd and while eating… friend – well tell me what is curd and leftover?

A child used to steal slippers from the temple every day, he sold all the slippers and bought 1 mobile, today the same child is reading his story on the mobile

What gift should I give a friend, my friend, to my girlfriend on her birthday…. Another friend, give my mobile number.

One person asked his friend – After the wife is divorced, you must be suffering a lot now? The friend said – no, now I am happier…. Earlier I had to work for two people, now I have to do only one…

Monu – man, what do you do when you feel hot… Sonu – then we go to the front of the AC…
Monu – And what do you do when it’s too hot? Sonu – When it is hot, then turn on the AC….

First friend- man, I gave my girlfriend on her birthday my sister’s new diamond ring stole… second (by slapping) – Abe Kaminey your sister is my girlfriend. I gave her an expensive ring. First – why does brother-in-law die I have returned to your house… to your sister

When I was born, the angels said that another brother of ours has come…. And when you were, the devil said, “Oh man !! Competition is increasing in our line “

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No matter how good friends get, they should refuse…. Because those bitches know all their secrets

Once a man called one of his friends to eat at home, that too after leaving office in the evening at 7 o’clock, he also told his wife .. On seeing the friend, the wife started shouting at him in front of a friend. : Look at my hair… 
I did not make-up, look at the condition of the house… I am still in the gown, and I am so tired today that I cannot cook dinner… Thinking you called it home… Say it without asking me? Husband: Janu, this idiot was thinking of getting married… I said, first look at a DEMO

Sheela (from friend Meena) – My husband is very straight. I do not look at anyone except me.

Meena – My husband is four steps ahead of your husband. What a foreign woman, do not even look at me

Ramesh – this is the girl I am going to marry Suresh (friend) – Hey, I know this
Ramesh – you bastard, how do you know this?
Suresh – He and I were caught sleeping together..
Ramesh – what ?? When?
Suresh- Hey, she used to study in my class in mathematics.

Two friends talk among themselves.
First – today is the birthday of my husband.
Can’t understand what gift to give them? Second Woman – “Divorce”

India’s biggest confusion day not know ??? The day Rakshabandhan and Friendship Day are together

Is the only true friend who gets drunk
Give water to rinse patted and ask if you feel fresh then make 1 lighter.

We have shed the river crying in your love, You were so unfaithful that we took a shower in that river.

We have created an atmosphere of study all around,
But still, the egg has come in the exam,  We just go on and on in the exam without washing our mouths, friends say it has come a long way.

There are many discussions of love, friends,
There is a lot of beauty, friends,
Think before you fall in love
Because there is a lot of expenses on it, friends.

His smile is a style
The one who considers him to be love is the biggest donkey.

If he peeked at us today, we became intoxicated, and later it became clear that we were unconscious.