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Sad Love Quotes in English:-, friends, this post is based on the collection of sad love quotes in English. These all-new quotes and quotes in English with images.

Heart Touching Sad Love Quotes

Do not take me away from you
I have very little reason to live…

Express my honour or silence
Waiting for ages…

Love relationship should be so strong
Never break due to any third person…

No girl is bad at heart
He also feels compelled
What people call cheating…

I am tired of hiding the pain
And people say
I smile a lot…

Whoever is the fault, but
cry always comes out of innocence…

When someone ignores us without talking, write sad…

Everyone decorates the festival of wishes, It is all that brings fate…

You had no intention of going away
But how about stopping
When you were not mine…

Love is one in which there is no hope of meeting anyone, yet waiting for it…

A person laughs in front of everyone
But only weeps
On which he trusts excessively…

Love Quotes in English for her

Is there anything in your life
Without talking to whom your day
Does not go well…

On the go, he only told me that
Live your life love…

When someone starts getting close to others, Feeling of distance…

Passion in love but relaxed in friendship…

Those who love
Take care of each other…

Do you ever remember someone
Have slept in the night shedding tears…

Some people because of their ego
Don’t know how many relationships you lose…

Feel so cute when a boyfriend
Celebrates his angry girlfriend with love…

No matter who’s the fault
Bends always the same
To value the relationship
And worry about keeping it…

What is the love in which there is no fight?

Very heart touching sad quotes in English

Perfect relationship means
A bit of wrangling and lots of love…

Everyone should get something like this, Never let him cry…
Love is the thing, my friend
Who makes even the loser cry…

Believe it and break a cry once
Being in a relationship is a million times better than crying every day…

Make sure to remember your sister’s smile once before ruining a girl’s life…

No, my heart was bad
There was no evil in it
All is destiny
Fate was different…

Romantic love quotes in English for girlfriends

The happiness of the whole world
Your lack of space among them all…

People here more than testing each other, But never understand each other…

Happiness be it small or big
There is something more fun to enjoy with the family…

The gift that is very special
We met a special one…

The only thing is realizing friends
Otherwise, love does not happen even after seven rounds.

Behind every successful girl, He has a lot of loving fathers…

I am not angry with you
What you never got for me…

Those who have very good hearts
Often they have bad luck…

When someone hurts because of me
So I hurt more than that…

Nowadays love has become like China mobile, Does not last long…

Laugh if someone rejects
Love doesn’t force…

What difference does it make
Love is neither mine nor her…

Maybe someone is missing my deficiency, Only then you don’t remember me anymore…

No matter how the situation changes
But you never change…

Someone burned her face in love and
Someone adorns a burnt face in love, please never put acid on a girl…

People really change, Do not worry about anything…

One way love is love, What happens if you don’t…

Quotes On Sad Mood In English

Every person leaves with time, but only friends who, In any case…

If I asked your relationship with my heart yesterday, Fucking said that I am not even yours, As much as that madman…

Happy are those who love the world
Because those who love spirit often see it in agony…

Everyone sees a face in love but
Only those who see the heart are happy…

Compulsions are hidden, When someone says, Leave me alone…

Love is the crime that everyone does
But the punishment only goes to the wafer…

I love you so much, Whether it is heartache or watery eyes…

People say love is a deception, but the truth is that a true girl is a wrong boy, And a true boy finds a wrong girl.

We do not know about love love
Just by watching you online, the heart is relieved…

Sad quotes about life in English

How cute are the relationships that fight every day…

And can’t live without each other
First, let’s make sure that he belongs to us, Why don’t you forget..

What we care about, Often the same people don’t understand us…

Some people are so beautiful of heart
Whether he met or not, still throughout his life, Heart to love them…

I just had love, He had a moment of intoxication.

Neither bike nor car
Girls want a boy
True love.

Sad Quotes Images in English

True love is
When one gets angry
Second, he must quickly refuse.

If I knew that love is so torturous then
Before joining the heart.

Once you try the love feelings.
After that, it is impossible to stay just a friend.

If someone’s daughter has time for you today, then tomorrow your daughter will have time for someone.

The whole world is in love
I am not the only one right
I can love someone
Why could someone love me?

Crazy what you still remember
He forgot thousands even after you.

Ego attitude in self-respect and race of anger, Love always loses.

Sad Quotes in English in One line

We will miss him a lot When someone rejects him too.

Everyone is busy but if you have any value in their life Then they will take time for you.

, but once she came after that Looks after that boy like a child.

Never give so much importance to someone, You can’t live when they leave.

Best Attitude status

Life is very short
Spend more time with that person
Which makes you happy and
Wanna give love.

Hello now if you hold hands
Carry on till the last breath.

Girl alone is not a chance
Responsibility occur.

Never lose love and trust
Love does not happen to everyone and
Don’t trust everyone.

Very heart touching sad quotes in English

Relationship may end
But love can never end.

Don’t want such sympathy love
Change in time.

Start with you over
This is my life.

Those people are very happy
Whose love is also loved by them
And respect too.

Nowadays love is also like Made in China, No guarantee no warranty.

Never make him cry in life
Who cried after seeing you cry.

True love is not one who remembers in free time, Rather it is that which takes time for you even in a busy time.

Angry enough not to talk to you
Still, your concern in the heart is more than myself.

No one dies
Time teaches everyone to live.

Sad Quotes in English for life.

Every girl aspires for a boy who
Make very good food for him.

We can’t even breathe without them
And they said that without taking me.

Often by habit
People go away.

But once she came after that
Looks after that boy like a child.

Changes your surname for you
You can’t change your bad habit for him.

The girl you will love after me
She will be a doctor.

have given great courage to his separation,
Nor fear of losing anyone,
Neither does anyone want to get today?

We are not used to wounds,
We still feel that today,
You are the change, sir
Remembering everyone except us.

If it was so easy to get separated from someone,
So, angels would never come to take the soul from the body.

I stood in front of the mirror and apologized to myself,

Saying goodbye when he left,
Eyes lost all dreams
I’m not sorry that they left,
The pain occurred when he cried while saying goodbye.

I do not know how to live without that fool,
I wish that person had taught him to die also.

My life is angry with happiness
Love is my life,
Laugh to show people,
Otherwise, the book of pain in my life.

I have a rest from God,

Even if death comes, I will say a little,
I have yet to see a friend.

When speaking with silent eyes,
This is how love begins,
Are lost in your thoughts,
Don’t know when day and night is.

If there is any helplessness, weep with heartbreak,
The pieces of my picture were made in front of me,
I found out and cried after adding them.

The rain of luck was going on like this, the desires kept drying on me and the eyelids got wet.

Want to get wet in the rain, so look in my eyes, this rain is for everyone, but my friend these eyes,
Only cries for you.

It is very easy to apologize for hurting someone’s heart,
But it is difficult to forgive someone for being hurt.

These world people are also very strange,
Sometimes close and sometimes close,
If you do not tell pain, we are called cowards
And if you tell pain, we are called poets.

If someone rejects 15 breaks the heart,
Expectations are broken when no one understands themselves,
The truth says that the people of the world win the most and lose to their loved ones in the end.

how difficult it is to hide heartache,
To smile again is equally difficult,
Go far with someone and then look,
How difficult it is to come back alone.

We set the submerged ones in our kayak and
Then we removed us, saying the burden of a kayak.

Everything is sold in this world, then why does separation not take bribes?
One does not die, someone is separated from someone, it is just memories that do not let you live.

It is the nature of this land,
Everything tastes,
Otherwise even the tears falling from these eyes,
There would have been a different sea.

Every silence does not mean denial,
Not every failure means defeat,
So what if we can’t find you,
Just getting is not just love.

We have seen 21 pains waiting,
Have seen the effect of love in love,
People find God like God in the temple mosque,
We have seen him in our love.

Conspiracies in the world, which are as much as any war,
I try to win my heart so that the relationship remains,
As long as there is life.

Everyone wished we hadn’t met
If you get pleasure like parting from us,
To pray is to God that we don’t meet him.

Never ignore it,
Who cares for you a lot,
Otherwise someday you will realize,
You lost stone while collecting stones.

God introduced friend to friend,
Made friendships for friends,
But it says that friendship will remain the same,
One who cherishes friendship wholeheartedly.

Top Sad English quotes Collection, Short quotes the English Language

These lonely sad nights do not cut me,
Tomorrow I will tell the sun to take me away with me!

Not learned for free, the ability to smile in sadness, Every happiness of life is destroyed in return.

If you don’t have alphas today, I have it to recite in Mehfil, Well never mind, I only give injuries to the victim.

If love was one-sided… then bear the separation too…
It is a pain that he also had love…

Wipe the tears with your own hands
If others ask, they will ask for its price.

The whole city is aware of the scratches they have found ……
Our deep wounds are not even discussed…

Someone asked me, how will your life live without him.

So I also pointed towards the bird in a cage.

I had the art of making a person look at my face, I had trouble seeing many faces.

Honestly, people often listen to the taunts of the people, no person is interested in this world.

* Don’t know which way it is to love her, * That her heart does not even talk to me.

It is not easy to turn back
Yours was a strange love…
First, he did crazy, then said crazy, then left thinking crazy…

Very happy luck people who got the love for love,
Unlucky I am I have loved
But neither love nor love found me!

Who had vowed to live together for a lifetime,
Today I am living by dying in his separation!

I also tried locking the door,
But sorrow still understands that I am at home !!

Will love give life to someone,
It starts with someone dying.

I am a toy, I am angry with his hands.

What happens if you do not get it… this heart always comes to get pain every day!

What you got for free,
Do not respect me, it becomes your right.

Forgetting is the way of the times,
Why do you start with me?

I wish you “divorce from divorce”
You can get rid by speaking

Had to think many things to tell you….
But when there was the talk of issues…. You didn’t even ask…


I am cutting the pulse of my hand,
Maybe you get out of your heart through blood….!

He has a big hand in making me the stone,
Which I used to blossom ..!

They have no time
Walls you talk to me.

“I want something”
Otherwise, no Taj temple is built for the corpse!!

Remember you every day by thinking
I will not miss you after today ..!

Someday he was crazy about my laughter,
Today they don’t even ask us,
Are we alive or dead?

How innocent this heart is… .Hurt still keeps expectations.

What would love be in life, ask that person,
Who has waited even after breaking his heart!

“It is good that you left me, what love is that in which,
In order to be sure of everything, one has to eat.

Time is a matter of time Friends
Who are sad to see us today,
He was never sad to see us !!

What I also do awesome…
I write one evening that I forgot you,
Then I remember you all night.

I would have done it even if I had lust ..,
Love was so incomplete!

Do not account for my love,
Do not let yourself owe it later.

Heartburn is also very important…
Someone is going to convince us too .. Come to know!

Those people change like time, who should be given more time.

Why should we trust non-residents,
While we have to walk on our own feet.

How foolish it is, it does not even understand by understanding the heart
Even if it dies, it is not on anyone who understands it !!

How much you celebrate, you still do not believe, we also have pain, but you do not know.

Sometimes our quotes are not to get thousands like…
It is also meant to teach some 1 person.

Everyone says, if the girl goes one, then the other will comb.. but friends.. who go first, she only takes the heart 4!

Tomorrow neither we will be nor will there be any wetness…
There will only be a series of limited memories.
Those moments are spent laughing.
Know tomorrow what will be the decision of life !!

Only I can hold his hand.
Make me pray so much…
He could not live even a moment without me…
Oh God, make him my habit…

These people are also very strange…
Sometimes they are far away…
If you do not tell pain, we are called coward…
Tell me more pain, we are called poets.

Someone has told the truth…
Do not try your luck,
Do not show your sorrows,
Whatever is yours will come to you yourself
Do not wish to get it every day.

My eyes are moist, but not a single tear will flow, This heart is so treacherous friends, Will forget himself, but will not forget you.

Life is incomplete without your memories, If you meet, life is complete,
My happiness is with you, Laughing with everyone else is my compulsion.

Why do you lose colour over time in the run of life, Life playing laughs is also common, There was a morning when we used to laugh, And today it is evening without smiling many times.

Understand no circumstances,
Nobody understands emotion,Sad Love Quotes, This is just your own understanding, If someone reads the blank paper, no one understands the whole book !!


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